Breathe Pure
60 Day Money Back Guarantee | As Seen on TV
Breathe Pure

Freshen the Air Anywhere
Portable Plug-In Air Purifier

60 Day Money Back Guarantee | As Seen on TV

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Breathe Pure Air Purifier work?
Breathe Pure’s Ion Extraction Technology releases ionized molecules that magnetically attach to airborne pollutants, pulling them out of the air. The result is air that’s freshened and that contains less dust and dander.

Is Breathe Pure Air Purifier portable?
The Breathe Pure Air Purifier is small enough to fit in a suitcase. You can bring it anywhere and plug it into any wall outlet.

Do I need replacement filters?
The Breathe Pure Air Purifier works without filters, so you never have to replace any filters in your air purifier.

What are some good places to use the air purifier?
Breathe Pure works great to help freshen air in the office, help control smoke and odors in the kitchen, help reduce dust and dander in the bedroom, and more. 

How many batteries are needed? What size?
Breathe Pure Air Purifier requires 2 AAA batteries. Batteries are not included with the unit.

Does Breathe Pure Air Purifier read in both Fahrenheit and Celsius?
Yes, you can easily switch to either measurement.